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Ravens teammates of the week: Justin Tucker, Sam Koch and Morgan Cox

The field goal operation went without a hitch with intense weather conditions making things difficult.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

It looks easy but only because they're trained professionals.

The field goal operation is one of the toughest aspects of the game to master. It's not the most physical and it's the least bruising part of the game. But one slight hitch can throw off the kick and anger a coaching staff, teammates and fans in a single motion.

Take into account swirling winds, rain and mud, the likelihood of connecting on a field goal from long range gets even slimmer. Then again, not many teams have Justin Tucker kicking field goals for them. Nor do they have Morgan Cox snapping or Sam Koch holding.

The three of them have nailed the routine down to the point where the only off day this year was against Cleveland in Week 2, when Tucker missed two field goals. He hasn't missed in any other game.

In Chicago, Tucker not only made two field goals, but he made one from 52 yards out in the crazy conditions they played in. He made the 52-yard field goal just before officials halted play for almost two hours.

Tucker then came onto the field with to send the game to overtime with three seconds left in regulation.

Regardless of the weather conditions, the field goal unit came through once again for the Ravens. With the offense unable to put up many touchdowns, the field goal team will be relied on a bunch over the next six weeks.