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NFL power rankings Week 12: Where should the Ravens rank?

It's your turn to give the Ravens a designation of where they should rank.

Jonathan Daniel

Sunday's loss was heartbreaking.

But it did show the Ravens should be competitive in each game moving forward. The Bears are a solid team and will most likely wind up in the playoffs.

The Ravens are an improving team, especially on defense. The offense still needs to strike some balance, especially when the running game actually works. Granted, the weather was a big factor Sunday, there's no reason Joe Flacco should have been as ineffective at times when the run game actually worked.

What's crazy is that at 4-6 the Ravens are still in the thick of it for the postseason. They're 11th in the standings right now but there are still six games to be played. Anything can happen in that time period.

We'll round up the power rankings and post in the afternoon. For now, here's your chance to have your voice heard as fans.