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Is it time for the Ravens to feature Bernard Pierce more than Ray Rice?

Both running backs have struggled, though Rice has experienced a large drop-off compared to previous years.

Is it time for Ray Rice to take a backseat to Bernard Pierce on offense?
Is it time for Ray Rice to take a backseat to Bernard Pierce on offense?
Patrick Smith

The running game has been nothing short of a disaster this season.

Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce, thought to be one of the NFL's best running back duos entering this season, have been a major disappointment. It's not necessarily their fault as Baltimore has fielded one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL this year.

On top of that, Rice and Pierce have both battled injuries all year — Rice with the hip flexor and Pierce with the hamstring. It's been a perfect storm for why the running game can't get on track.

During Monday's press conference, Ravens coach John Harbaugh was asked if now could be the time where Pierce gets more of a featured role than Rice.

"Both of those guys are going to play. I think that would be just — what would that mean, you know?" Harbaugh told reporters. "One guy is a featured back by definition? Both of those guys are going to get a large number of carries, and I think whichever guy is playing better should get more carries as we go forward."

Against Cincinnati, Rice carried the ball 18 times but picked up just 30 yards (1.7 yards per carry). Pierce toted the ball eight times for 31 yards (3.8 ypc).

With the way the running game has gone this year, and with the Ravens needing a spark on offense, here's Tuesday's question of the day, one that Harbaugh skillfully dodged: Should Pierce receive the bulk of the carries moving forward?

I see both sides of the argument: Rice is your go-to guy, and when healthy, he can do things a lot of other running backs can't on a football field. But Pierce is the running back of the Ravens' future. With the running game struggling, why not give him more carries this early in his career.

That's why I'm leaving this question up to you guys to decide. Should the Ravens make the switch or continue the distribution of carries the way it is?

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