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Ravens Topple Bengals In Overtime, Win 20-17 Overtime Thriller

Did you know: Today's victory against the Cincinnati Bengals marks the Baltimore Ravens' 100th victory at M&T Bank Stadium, 15 years after the venue's grand-opening in 1998.

Patrick Smith

Heading into today's games the Baltimore Ravens had dropped four out of their last five games, putting themselves in a win-or-become-irrelevant situation in terms of the AFC playoff race. Now it certainly wasn't pretty, but the Ravens battled the entire day to pick up a much needed win in front of a packed home crowd just a minivan less than 71,000 people.

After scoring 17 points in the first half all seemed to be going well for John Harbaugh & Co. Both sides of the ball were seemingly dominant through the first 30 minutes; scoring with efficiency on offense and forcing key miscues on defense. Everything was fine.

Until it wasn't.

In their typical, self-destructing fashion, the Ravens allowed the Bengals score 17 points and come all the way back from behind to send the game the game into overtime, with the most notable blow coming off of a 51-yard "Hail Mary" touchdown pass to AJ Green to tie the game at the end of regulation.

After allowing a few first downs to the Bengals in overtime, all seemed to be lost for the hometown 52. However, comma, just as it appeared the Ravens were about to drop their fourth straight game and drop into the cellar of the AFC standings, the Baltimore Ravens stuffed Bengals running back, Giovani Bernard, in the backfield for a key fourth down stop; regaining possession at roughly the 50-yard-line.

Next score would win the game. Perhaps all was not lost.

A couple first downs later, the Ravens sent the young Justin Tucker onto the field in hopes that he would do what he does best: Make a clutch field goal.

Boy, did he deliver.

The former Texas Longhorn connected on a 46-yard field goal to win the game for the Baltimore Ravens; proving that he does indeed have ice water flowing through his veins.

The losing streak is over, the Ravens are now 4-5 and find themselves back in the hunt for a playoff berth, and M&T Bank Stadium just broke triple-digit wins. In other words: It's a good day to be a Ravens fan.