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NFL power rankings Week 6: Where should the Ravens rank?

It's Week 6 and the Ravens are 3-2. Where does that place them in the power rankings?

Ravens fans took over Miami this past Sunday.
Ravens fans took over Miami this past Sunday.
Mike Ehrmann

Last week, various entities had the Ravens as high as No. 10 and as low as in the 20s.

Losing to Buffalo will do that to you. After beating a good Miami team (at least defensively), the Ravens should move up as far as most rankings are concerned.

The Ravens have displayed flashes of potential to indicate they are a top 10 kind of team. At the same time, there have been plenty of blunders that have kept the Ravens from looking like an elite team for the 2013 season.

The good news in that regard is the season is still young. There is plenty to learn and a lot of room for this team to grow.

In my opinion the Ravens should belong in the 12-15 range this week. They're 3-2 and belong in the upper level of the middle of the pack. Where they wind up? We'll let the so-called experts decide.

And of course, you guys can chime in where you think they belong by voting in our poll below.