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AFC North update: Ravens, Browns, Bengals still tied for first place

After four weeks of middling around, Baltimore, Cleveland and Cincinnati recorded wins to maintain a tie for first place in the AFC North.

Terrell Suggs and the Ravens are tied for first place five weeks into the 2013 season.
Terrell Suggs and the Ravens are tied for first place five weeks into the 2013 season.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

At least for now, the AFC North remains a three-team race.

The Ravens, Browns and Bengals all recorded wins this week, giving the AFC North some positive publicity with an undefeated record in Week 5.

The Ravens escaped Miami with a tough 26-23 win. The Bengals scored one of the biggest wins of any NFL team this week, knocking the Patriots off 13-6 — and ending Tom Brady's streak of 52 consecutive games with a touchdown.

The Browns defeated the Bills this past Thursday 37-24, but lost quarterback Brian Hoyer for the season to a torn ACL. Brandon Weeden will step back in as Cleveland's starter moving forward, though may not see much of a drop-off now that Josh Gordon is providing a legitimate deep threat at receiver.

The week put all three of these AFC North teams at 3-2. Here's a look at the standings, with current tiebreakers involved.

1. Ravens (3-2, 1-0 AFC North)

2. Browns (3-2, 1-1 AFC North)

3. Bengals (3-2, 1-1 AFC North)

4. Steelers (0-4, 0-1 AFC North)

The Ravens haven't lost in the division, putting them in first place for the time being. With the Browns and Bengals at 1-1 in the division, Cleveland gets the edge for second place it beat Cincinnati.

Then comes the last bit of news Ravens fans will enjoy. Not included in the three-way tie for first place with tiebreakers separating the teams, one team in the division has yet to win a game. On top of that, the Steelers did not play during Week 5, which means they have yet to record a win in 2013.

The Ravens are in first place and the Steelers are a distant last. Ravens fans: Think about that for a moment and soak it in.