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Debate: Should NFL Take Away Touchdowns for Taunting Penalties?

With reports claiming the NFL is considering a rule change, what is the opinion of the fans?

Andy Lyons

With the Seattle Seahawks only beating the hapless St. Louis Rams by one point deep in the third quarter Monday night and both offenses struggling to score, Russell Wilson heaved a deep bomb to Golden Tate, who had beaten man coverage against second year corner Janoris Jenkins and subsequently made a play for the ball. In doing so, he secured the pass while Jenkins fell to the ground, leaving Tate free to run into the end zone.

On his way into the end zone, however, Tate waved goodbye to the Rams defense (which actually played quite well) and subsequently was issued an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but be still scored.



Now the NFL is reportedly considering taking away touchdowns completely for these types of penalties. While disrespectful and the epitome of un-classiness, taking away the touchdown seems a bit harsh. Taunting, smack talking, and questionable hits have always been a part of the game and always will be. The NFL is continuing its quest to take fun out of football, one rule at a time.

What do you think?