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Ravens-Bills: The Good

We take a look at the players who had a good game on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

LB Terrell Suggs sacking QB EJ Manuel in loss on Sunday.
LB Terrell Suggs sacking QB EJ Manuel in loss on Sunday.
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens lost to the Bills on Sunday, 23-20. There were players in the game that played both bad and good. We're taking a look at the "good" list today. The "bad" list will be released tomorrow.

The Good

  • Torrey Smith: It is good to see WR Torrey Smith here on the "good" list once again. He scored his first touchdown of the 2013 season, and he ended the game with five receptions for 166 yards and a touchdown. Smith was one of the only offensive players to play well against the Bills, and it should have been easy to grab receptions over an injury-plagued Bills' secondary. Overall, Smith had a great game, and even with Flacco struggling, he was still able to catch the ball enough to put him in the Top 3 in receiving yards so far this year. Oh yeah, and congratulations to Torrey and his wife Chanel Smith on the announcement of their pregnancy!
  • Marlon Brown: WR Marlon Brown also had a great game. Unfortunately, he did not play the entire game, as he left with a hamstring injury in the middle of it. Brown was able to catch four balls for 34 yards and a touchdown, making it his third of the season. Marlon Brown is one of the bright young stars on this Ravens' offense, and it doesn't surprise anyone that he is doing this well. Brown has the most touchdown catches on the team thus far, but he hasn't surpassed Torrey Smith in receiving yards.
  • Deonte Thompson: WR Deonte Thompson is the last of three wide receivers that had a good game on Sunday. Thompson returned to the field for the first time this season after having a foot injury for the majority of the off-season. He finished the day with four receptions for 50 yards, including one 33-yard bomb from Joe Flacco in the fourth quarter, which led to him having a concussion after he was hit in the head while coming down with the 33-yard completion.
  • Brandon Williams: DT Brandon Williams didn't have a single tackle in the game, but he did recover a fumble that was forced by Chris Canty early on. It was one of two forced fumbles by Canty, Williams was making his NFL regular season debut, as he was out for the first three games with a toe injury.
  • Terrell Suggs: LB Terrell Suggs may have had the best defensive performance. He recorded nine tackles, eight assists, and one sack. Suggs manhandled the Bills' offensive line, but at the end of the game, a bad penalty called against him ended the Ravens' hopes of having a comeback win. Bills' QB EJ Manuel did not take an immediate knee in the victory formation, because he was attempting to run more time off of the clock. Once Manuel wasn't taking a quick knee, Suggs ran and hit him as hard as he could, knocking Manuel's helmet off and drawing a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty. Other than the last play, 'Sizzle' played a fantastic game, and it's fun to see him put major pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Suggs has a sack in every game so far this season.
  • Chris Canty: DE Chris Canty had one huge game, as well. He could definitely earn the best defensive performance of the day over Suggs. Canty had three tackles, two assists, one sack, and two forced fumbles. He was all over the field for the Ravens, and it was interesting to observe how well he was playing. Canty is one of the other large reasons why the Ravens have one of the best pass rushing tandems in the NFL.
  • Corey Graham: Surprisingly, this is the first time that Corey Graham is on this list. Graham may not be the best cover-corner in the NFL, but he did a good job at tackling, along with him having an interception and a forced fumble. Graham finished the day with seven tackles, two assists, an interception, and a forced fumble. If he can continue to force turnovers, then he may be worth having as a starter after all.
  • Daryl Smith: I don't think a week has gone by where LB Daryl Smith hasn't been on this list. He has been the best overall player on the Ravens' defense, and it seems that he is replacing Ray Lewis rather nicely. He has played the most consistent, also. He came into this game and had another interception, just a week after he recorded his first career pick six against Matt Schaub and the Houston Texans. Smith had four tackles, eight assists, and an interception in the loss against the Bills.
  • Jimmy Smith: Here is another surprising player that showed up on this list. CB Jimmy Smith didn't do too badly against the Bills, and he was the second CB that was able to force a fumble. Smith ended the game with four tackles, one assist, and a forced fumble. When Jimmy Smith is focused and ready, he is a hard cornerback to stop. Lately, it just seems that Smith isn't where he was last year, and he may need a few more games to get back into the rhythm of playing football again.
That's the end of the "good" list! There were other defensive players that could be on this list, but I decided to just put the very large ones. Also, Graham and Smith didn't have the best games in the world, but their ability to force fumbles and get interceptions are what landed them here.

If you have any complaints or additions, feel free to say so in the comments!

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