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Beanie Wells injures Achilles during Ravens workout, team still interested in Bernard Scott

Were you wondering why the Ravens worked out Beanie Wells and decided not to sign him? Well, apparently he injured his Achilles during the process.

Beanie Wells injured his Achilles tendon during a recent Ravens workout.
Beanie Wells injured his Achilles tendon during a recent Ravens workout.

With the Ravens looking to add another running back to the roster, the organization worked out former Ohio State standout Beanie Wells over a week ago.

Wells' NFL career hasn't gone as planned, with his time in Arizona injury-ridden. Looking to stick around, Wells worked out for the Ravens with hopes of a roster spot.

Unfortunately for Wells, it appears any chance of him finding work this season has come to an end. According to a report from the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson, Wells injured his Achilles during the tryout with the Ravens.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Running back Beanie Wells got injured (Achilles) during his tryout for the Ravens last week, according to sources</p>&mdash; Aaron Wilson (@RavensInsider) <a href="">October 28, 2013</a></blockquote>
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That's a tough blow for Wells, who ran for 2,471 yards and 24 touchdowns from 2009-2012. He only had one season over 1,000 yards, which was in 2011.

Meanwhile, the Ravens are reportedly still interested in Bernard Scott, Wilson writes. Scott worked out for the Ravens over two weeks ago and reportedly had an impressive workout.

With Pierce less than 100 percent, there would appear to be at least a short-term need at the position. Scott would add some fresh legs, though there are bigger issues in the running game than the backs themselves.