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Potential candidates for open spot on Ravens 53-man roster

Here are three players the Ravens could call since there is currently an open position on their roster.

Could Bernard Scott be someone the Ravens sign to fill their open roster spot?
Could Bernard Scott be someone the Ravens sign to fill their open roster spot?
Andy Lyons

Earlier this week, the Ravens traded Bryant McKinnie to the Dolphins for a draft pick.

With McKinnie no longer on the roster, that has left the Ravens with an open roster spot. Given that this is a bye week, there doesn't appear to be a rush to fill that spot over the weekend, since the team won't be meeting until Monday.

"We're still working ourselves through that," coach John Harbaugh told reporters Wednesday. "It could be a practice squad promotion. It could be somebody off a practice squad roster or somebody who's available right now as a free agent."

The Ravens reportedly worked out Beanie Wells earlier this week, though it was later mentioned the Ravens don't intend to sign him.

With that in mind, who should the Ravens bring in to replace him? Here are three options to consider:

1) RB Bernard Scott

The Ravens worked Scott out recently though have not extended the offer just yet. With Bernard Pierce's health in question with a hamstring injury, the Ravens could use another running back on the roster. Scott has some quickness to offer and could be used as a receiver out of the backfield.

That said, Scott won't fix the running game issues. He'd just be another body to help spell Ray Rice, given that Pierce has some minor health issues at the moment.

2) TE Billy Bajema

Bajema seems like a potential player to return, given he has numerous times this year already. One day he's with the team, the next day he's not.

If the Ravens are unable to find a free agent running back or receiver then maybe Bajema is brought back. WNST's Ryan Chell reported that Bajema has yet to be contacted by the team, however.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Source close to TE Billy Bajema says Ravens have not reached out to him about return, but says team has &quot;changed plans a lot lately.&quot;</p>&mdash; Ryan Chell (@RyanChell87) <a href="">October 24, 2013</a></blockquote>
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3) RB Michael Turner

This seems a bit off the radar but Turner is available in the free agent ranks. The consensus is that his football days are over, though desperate times can call for desperate measures. When Turner was at his best, he was a power back that could move a pile.

The Ravens are in need of that since neither Rice or Pierce offer that as a running back. Short yardage situations have been a problem, so perhaps someone such as Turner would make sense.