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NFL power rankings Week 8: Where should the Ravens rank?

Here's your chance to vote where the Ravens deserve to rank this week.

Joe Flacco and the Ravens are 3-4 entering the bye week.
Joe Flacco and the Ravens are 3-4 entering the bye week.
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

At 3-4, it's hard to justify the Ravens are a top 12 team at this time.

The AFC North is proving to be a weak division, too, which might be the only saving grace for the Ravens moving forward. After the bye, the next two weeks are extremely important, with divisional games against Cleveland and Cincinnati on the way.

The Ravens won't be viewed in a positive light in the near future, which may be a service to them. For whatever reason, this team embraces the underdog role more than the usual favorite. They're able to use it as motivation to prove the doubters wrong.

They did that in the playoffs last year, and even in 2011 when it practically defeated the Patriots until Lee Evans dropped a touchdown and Billy Cundiff missed a field goal.

We'll see if this year's group has it in them to regroup and catch fire at this time of the year. Until then, this team will slowly dwindle from the national radar at this pace.

Then again, the lack of attention has fueled the Ravens in the past. Let's see if it does so once again.

Vote below for where you think the Ravens deserve to be ranked.