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A Rivalry Renewed, Ravens Lose To Steelers 19-16

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Oh man was that an exciting game. Despite the final score of the game not favoring the Ravens, it was an extremely exciting game which ended in typical Ravens/Steelers fashion: Exhilaration for one team and heart-break for the other.

After giving up an early touchdown to Pittsburgh TE Heath Miller the Ravens rebounded fairly well to end the first half trailing the Steelers 10-6, what seemed to be a manageable deficit.

Eventually the Ravens came back to tie the game up 16-16 but ultimately fell short after failing to get a critical stop on defense on the final drive of the game, allowing the Steelers to notch a game-winning field-goal to put the final nail in the Ravens' coffin.

Overall, it was just a bad game for the Baltimore Ravens who failed to get much of anything going up until about mid-way through the fourth quarter, at which point it was too late.

On the bright side of things, however, the Ravens are heading into the bye week so they should have plenty of time to clean their acts up and prepare to take on the Cleveland Browns on November 3rd.

Tough loss, you guys. But I have a feeling the Ravens will be able to pull it together.

Go Ravens!