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Ravens kicker Justin Tucker sings opera, raps, produces beats and kicks footballs in new Dr. Pepper commercial

Tucker can sing opera in seven different languages, showing off his talent in a new Dr. Pepper advertisement.

Justin Tucker shows off his singing ability in a new Dr. Pepper ad.
Justin Tucker shows off his singing ability in a new Dr. Pepper ad.

Justin Tucker is a second-year kicker for the defending Super Bowl champions.

But there's more to Tucker than just football. Tucker can also sing opera in seven different languages. Not only that, he is capable of making electronic music suitable for today's hip hop music. Musically inclined, Tucker shows off his talents in a new ad for Dr. Pepper, which states how Tucker is one of a kind.

In addition to his singing talents, Tucker even raps a few bars for the camera while driving.

As writes, Tucker's relationship with the soft drink company began after he posted a photo of a Dr. Pepper can on Instagram after a win. He wrote, "Nothin like a frosty cold Dr. Pep after a road win!" under the picture.

Even though he's a professional kicker in the NFL, Tucker seems to have gotten the most out of his time in college. Attending the University of Texas, where he kicked a game-winner against Texas A&M as a senior, Tucker majored in music.

That choice has paid off.

Below is Tucker's Dr. Pepper ad. It's worth the watch.

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