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Which Steelers player do Ravens fans hate the most?

It's Ravens-Steelers week, which wouldn't be complete without asking the fans which player on this roster they despise the most.

Remember that time LaMarr Woodley said Joe Flacco would never win a Super Bowl in his lifetime?
Remember that time LaMarr Woodley said Joe Flacco would never win a Super Bowl in his lifetime?
Joe Sargent

Steelers fans unquestionably hate Terrell Suggs.

It's a role Suggs has embraced, as he tends to like to be viewed as the villain (hell, he recently dressed up as Bain to Lardarius Webb's birthday party.)

Ravens fans used to dub Hines Ward public enemy No. 1. Ward and Ravens fans never saw eye to eye, and even the players themselves had some things to say about the receiver. James Harrison was another the Ravens fans loved to hate, but he's no longer with the Steelers as well.

With Ward and Harrison gone, who's the new Steelers player that receives your vitriol and venom? Well, here are some nominees:

Ben Roethlisberger: How could a thread like this not start off with the veteran, who's been a pain in the backside for quite some time. It seems like he's always got something extra for the Ravens, going 7-5 against them while throwing for 18 touchdowns. He's not as brash as Ward or Harrison but he's arguably the face of the franchise right now.

LaMarr Woodley: There's no denying Woodley as a football talent. He's also brought a lot of energy and passion into the rivalry as well. He certainly created a storm back in 2011 when he said that Joe Flacco would never win a Super Bowl. "[I]n order for them to get to the Super Bowl, they have to beat us, and we're not gonna let that happen once we get that close," Woodley remarked. "So that's not gonna happen in this lifetime." Good thing Woodley's a football player and not a fortune teller.

Ike Taylor: Taylor has somewhat of a mouth and is the only known cornerback in the NFL who has been able to get under Torrey Smith's skin. Smith likes to keep it quiet on game days but has been known to verbally attack Taylor back. If Smith is agitated by Taylor, wouldn't you be?

Troy Polamalu: The thing about Polamalu is that he doesn't appear to be someone you'd want to hate. He has a calm demeanor, a genuine love for the game and brings a ton of passion to the playing field. If he was in any other uniform, I'm sure it would be easy for Ravens fans to root for him. But he's been one of the best players on a defense looking to play its best against Baltimore. That's a good reason to hate someone.

Brett Keisel: In the same vein as Polamalu, Keisel's a guy that would be hard to hate elsewhere for Ravens fans. But he's a Steeler. He's a gritty player in the trenches who takes the game seriously. He's earned a lot of respect from his peers. But he's good for at least one grooming joke per game, right?

Vote below for your most hated Steelers player.

(UPDATE: There's now an "other" option to choose from. Of course, there might be someone you hate more than the five I gave.)