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Ravens players talk about rivalry with Steelers

Despite Baltimore being 3-3 and Pittsburgh being 1-4, the rivalry still has the same feel, most of the Ravens players said.

The Ravens and Steelers have developed arguably the best NFL rivalry over the past decade.
The Ravens and Steelers have developed arguably the best NFL rivalry over the past decade.

Over the past decade, there hasn't been a better rivalry than the one between the Ravens and the Steelers.

It's a game both teams gear up for with division implications usually on the line.

This year has been a tad different. The Ravens are 3-3 and the Steelers are 1-4. The Bengals lead the division and the Ravens need a win to keep pace.

Regardless, this game is always one to keep an eye on. As excited as the fans get for this, the players do too — even when they try to downplay it (see: Torrey Smith's lengthy comment). Here's a roundup of what various Ravens players had to say about the rivalry with Pittsburgh:

Joe Flacco: "It’s tough to put in words. It’s definitely a cool trip to make. It’s a big game, and that’s the biggest thing about it. They’re a good team. We’re a good team. That’s the way it’s been, and because of that, it makes for a big football game. Like I said, it’s tough to put in words, but it’s definitely a little bit unique."

Torrey Smith: "I’m always excited about going up there just because of the environment and the things you’ll hear from the fans. It’s always pretty fun. Some of them are pretty funny on the sidelines. But at the end of the day, it’s another tough environment to play football in. It’s not like we’re going to panic or try to prepare any differently like we don’t plan to win every single week. We do every week. It’s just that this one means a lot for the division, as well as when we play the Browns or the Bengals. It’s just going to be another tough one. I hate to downplay it and make it seem like it’s just another football game, but that’s the same way you approach it. But everyone knows what’s on the line when you play them."

Terrell Suggs: "It’s what a football atmosphere should be. You’re playing in a stadium against a team that has so much tradition, and what they’re reputation is – that’s what football is. That’s what a football game should be – like you said, the heated animosity between the two teams, the rivalry and the tradition and the past of the two teams. You’ve got to love all that and what carries into this game."

Elvis Dumervil: "It’s an NFL game. Every game is always exciting to me. From a distance, it seemed pretty intense. It’s going to be good to be a part of it."

Lardarius Webb: "It still feels the same. It's a great football team over there. Their record is not showing how great of a football team this is but it's a great football team. We're going to go into Pittsburgh and play a great team."

Arthur Jones: "No matter what their record is, we're going to go there and they're going to give us 110 percent. It's not about them, it's about us. We have to take care of our business."

Marshal Yanda: "I think no matter what, even if we're both undefeated or if we're not doing what we want to do, it's still at Heinz Field and it's still going to be amped up. We're going to be fired up, they're going to be fired up. You throw records out the window in this one. It's a big divisional rivalry and a fun game to play in, that's for sure."