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No Miracle Today, Ravens Fall to Packers 19-17

Bernard Pierce's facepalm pretty much sums up this entire game
Bernard Pierce's facepalm pretty much sums up this entire game
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Ugh. That's the only word I have to describe this game; "ugh".

This game was an all-around showing of sloppy football, bad decisions, and lack of resilience by the Baltimore Ravens. Perhaps the worst part of this game is the fact that the Ravens had a myriad of opportunities to win this game and failed to make the critical plays when they needed them the most.

The most pivotal play of this game, in my opinion, was the Ravens' inability to come away with point on a 4th-and-goal situation in the first half. A mistake which came back to haunt them late in the game.

It seems as if this is becoming a trend lately: The Baltimore Ravens went out and produced absolutely nothing in the first half and came back out during the second half and fell just short of doing what was necessary to get a "W".

A solid defensive performance in the first half was quickly negated in the second half after conceding a touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson and failing to get a stop twice in the Packers' final drive, allowing them to run out the clock and get the win.

To sum up the offense, "too little too late". The running game never quite developed, the passing game was solid but not enough, and the blocking is still dismal even after the acquisition of Eugene Monroe. Overall, it was just a long day for the offense.

All the Ravens can do now is move on, learn from this loss, and get back up and prepare for next week's game against the rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

As always, thank you for making Baltimore Beatdown your source of live gameday coverage, and we hope to have you back here next week. Jason will put up a more thorough re-cap later tonight. But until then, I hope you all have a great evening and make the most out of the rest of the day.