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Do Ravens Have Chance Against Broncos?

When the Ravens lost to the Denver Broncos during the regular season they were at, perhaps, their lowest point as a unit and hit rock bottom that week. Now that the team seems to be on the up-swing, can they beat "the NFL's most complete team"?


when the Baltimore Ravens lost to the Denver Broncos earlier this season the Ravens were at their lowest point and missing several key part to their team. Now that they have most of their team back and healthy again can they beat the Broncos?

When the Ravens lost to the Broncos several key things went wrong early. Quarterback Joe Flacco had an early fumble while the Ravens where driving early and gave the ball to Denver on a short field. the defense actually played quite well for the first few series but got winded after the offense was unable to stay on the field.

Since then the team has started to gel under new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell and Dean Peas defense is coming together nicely with several key components returning to the field. Will this be enough to beat the NFL's hottest team at home?

The Ravens are stacked with talent. Maybe even more so than Denver. the one area they have the advantage is at quarterback. Will Joe Flacco be able to turn things around under Jim Caldwell and buck the Ravens trend against Manning. For the first time I think they just might...