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Ray Lewis Already Looking Ahead To Denver Broncos

The Baltimore Ravens 24-9 win over the Indianapolis Colts was barely etched into the record books, but Ray Lewis was already looking ahead to playing the Denver Broncos.

Patrick Smith

Ray Lewis took to the podium, looking dapper in his suit and glasses with tinted lenses, and then faced the deluge of reporters and flashing lightbulbs in his post-game media conference. He answered the typical questions about the game and the return from injury as well as this being his final game in Baltimore.

When asked about the now upcoming game at the Denver Broncos, which Lewis missed due to his injury, Lewis took a moment to put his words in order and then responded, adding, "we get them again, with all of our guns back and we're really looking forward to it."

Just prior to that question, Ray also mentioned that he had already turned his iPad into the Denver's film.

Check out Ray Lewis' post game press conference from