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Ravens-Colts Weather Report

Despite the game being played in January and outdoors, the weather will not be a factor in today's Wild Card game.


When the Baltimore Ravens host the Indianapolis Colts in the Wild Card Round of the 2013 NFL playoffs, the weather will be more like a game in November than a winter one in January. The local weather report last night gave the following forecast:

Partly sunny, 100% chance of a win, SW winds 5-10 mph, 41-45 degrees

Can't go wrong with this, as the sun will make my Club Level seats feel like it is a balmy 50+ degrees.

Unlike the regular season, when outside of the Baltimore viewing area as well as the opponent's local area, it depended on where you were if you were lucky enough to find the Ravens on TV in your area. However, since these are the playoffs and only one game is in each time slot for the four games this weekend, the Ravens-Colts game will be on national TV through CBS.

The TV announcing crew will include Ian Eagle and Trent Green up in the broadcasting booth, with Laura Okmin on the sidelines.