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XFINITY Sports Guy: Ravens Playoff Chat

Baltimore Beatdown chatted with XFINITY SPorts Guy Austin Schindel on Sunday's AFC Wild Card Round playoff game between the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts.

Larry French

Austin: This is Austin Schindel, the XFINITY Sports Guy here. Thanks to XFINITY I am pleased to be joined by Bruce Raffel of Baltimore Beatdown for this exclusive chat.

Bruce: It is my pleasure to be here Austin and talk with you about the Ravens as we prepare for the wildcard game this weekend.

Austin: After losing four of five to end the season, what worries you most about the team? What will they need to do to win on Sunday?

Bruce: Well, the frustration everyone seems to have around here is a lack on consistency. Of course, that all starts with the quarterback Joe Flacco. When he’s under pressure, he’s been folding, like we say, a lawn chair. But when he has time to be back there and set up, like he did against the Giants, he can be as deadly as any quarterback in the league.

Austin: Would you consider Flacco the key to the game, or do you think they still need to establish the running game early?

Bruce: I think offensively, Flacco is going to be the key to the game. He’s a much different quarterback in the friendly confines of M&T Bank Stadium as he is on the road. But, I think you’re going to get a healthy dose of Ray Rice all game long.

Austin: What concerns you the most about the Colts seeing that they are hard to break down by statistics only?

Bruce: Well, it’s obviously their quarterback. For a rookie, Andrew Luck has performed like a seasoned veteran much of this year. If you look at the way he has brought his team back in the fourth quarter, my other concern is, if the Ravens don’t have a big enough lead, he can always be deadly.

Austin: Finally, what is your favorite Ray Lewis moment?

Bruce: My favorite memory is actually something that didn’t happen on the field. I was at training camp this summer, and after practice was over, the players go over and see some fans, and sign some autographs. But, the Ravens are huge supporters of the military and Ray Lewis and a few of the players went over to see some injured vets to sign autographs and take pictures. One guy stood up and asked Ray Lewis, will you take a picture with me. He said of course. The guy reached down, took off his prosthetic leg and handed it to Lewis.

I may have been the only person to see it, and take a picture of it as well.

Austin: There you have it. Ray Lewis has been an important part of both the team and the community for the better part of a decade now. I’m looking forward to talking Ravens football during Sunday’s game. Thanks for joining me Bruce.

Bruce: Thanks, me too. Go Ravens!