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Ravens News Around The Web

Here's your daily dose of Ravens news from around the web as the Ravens are one day closer to playing Super Bowl 47.

Scott Halleran

5 reasons NOT to go to the Super Bowl | National Football Post

The Super Bowl experience can be a blast for some but usually a nightmare for many.

Top things to know: 49ers defense - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
The 49ers defense has had a lot to celebrate this season.

Top things to know: Ravens defense - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
The Ravens defense has forced turnovers at a higher rate than any team in the playoffs.

Lewis denies deer antler spray report | National Football Post
Ravens linebacker says same subject was brought up two years ago.

Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens, Beyond the Obvious - The Daily Fix - WSJ
A search for the little fans don't already know about the AFC's Super Bowl representative. Plus: The return of Iverson, or not; grown men playing tag.

Baltimore Ravens fans can be superstitious -
Baltimore Ravens fans always watch the game at the same house, often in the same seat. They always watch the game upstairs. They always watch it downstairs.

Jim Caldwell: NFL needs to give Rooney Rule a look -
Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell knows he's one of the few minority play-callers in the NFL. He's hoping that will change, and he believes the Rooney Rule should be examined.

Facebook Data Provide The Most Accurate NFL Fandom Map Ever Created
It's long been a dream of mankind to put together a map showing the geographic locations of NFL fanbases.

Put me in coach! Baltimore Ravens cheerleader nixed from Super Bowl squad rallies fans to send her to New Orleans - NY Daily News

Brunette booster Courtney Lenz, 23, of Baltimore, announced at the end of the regular season that she was retiring from cheerleading to focus on her job as a sales and marketing coordinator.