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Ravens vs. 49ers 2013: 'Dont go to sleep on Randy Moss', Dean Pees says

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(on Randy Moss)"When I was at New England I knew Randy very well and don’t go to sleep on Randy. I don’t care how many years he’s been in the League or what everybody thinks he has lost, I know everybody thinks Ray Lewis lost a little bit too but I know he is playing very well. When the Giants beat us in the Super Bowl when I was at New England there were a lot of guys that had experience, but I think sometimes kind of not brought up but we won’t go to sleep on Randy, trust me."

(on what John Harbaugh is like)"I really respect him, I was John’s college coach. I have a little different rapport with him. I figured he hired me to get back at me for all the times I yelled at him. The thing I like about John is I might be in my office working on something really late and he just comes in and starts talking. It may not be on the opposition of football, it may be about my grandkids, we have so many experiences we have shared through college but that’s what I respect most about him. What you see about John Harbaugh is what you get from John."

(on Ed Reed coming back)"Absolutely I want him back, along with Ray Lewis. He is an integral part of this defense. When you got guys like that, when you got guys like Ed and Ray it’s like coaching coaches. They know so much about the defense already you don’t have to explain a lot of things. Like you’re not losing a good player, you’re losing a good locker room guy and losing a big part of your whole program."

(on playing in the Super Bowl)"Well the good thing is that this is my third Super Bowl and I have a good idea of what everything will be like. You just have to keep everything is perspective because you have a game to win on Sunday."

(on trying to stop an offense)"Its starts up front trying to stop the run and make sure you have all the aspects of the option of zone read down. So its starts up front."

(on focusing on the quarterback) "Well the key is always going to be the quarterback because he is making the read. The back is part of it, but it’s really the quarterback because he is the guy who makes the decisions. It really starts with him but along with that you have to stop the back first. You can’t let them beat you with the ball."

(on guys having assignments)"You have to be fundamentally sound. You have to know what your assignment is and be on the same page."

(on guys moving into new roles)"Well the challenge is simply those guys from day one, we expect those guys to come in here and know everything. Our guys learn from the best. If you ever see Ray Lewis sit and take notes, he takes notes like a rookie. So when other guys come in and see those types of things they do them to. There are no prima donna’s everybody is in there to learn a great deal of accountability in our room. So a backup player is told early on the very first day we expect you to know everything that these guys know because at the drop of a hat you could be playing. We don’t all of a sudden want to drop off and all of a sudden start losing games and being able to blame it on injuries. So I think our guys do a great job really because of the examples set by other players being ready to go."