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Super Bowl 2013, Ravens vs. 49ers: Vonta Leach came here 'for one thing and one thing only'

No photo of Vonta Leach from Media Day
No photo of Vonta Leach from Media Day
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports



(on the fullback position)"A fullback position, not a lot of teams carry, a lot of teams use tight ends. The fullback position, you have a guy who can block and catch, who will stick around this league for a long time. I think you will see teams the more physical teams, the teams that run a lot have the fullback position."

(on why its beneficial to have a fullback rather two tight ends)"Because you have to have somebody at the point of attack. Tight ends 90 percent of the time attack the runner. You notice running backs and fullbacks take the same steps and the fullbacks guide the running back through the holes and uses his eyes."

(on coming to Baltimore)"My story is when I got a call and they called me during the recruitment process, I was sitting at home and Ozzie Newsom called me and said "I need you over here, I want you to come over here. Then five minutes later I got a call from Ray Lewis saying you need to get your tail over here, we want you. Ray Lewis gets you on the phone and calls that’s going to sell you."

(on other teams he considered during free agency) "Some of the other places I was considering were going back to Houston. I got call from the Giants. There was another one or two but I don’t remember."

(on feeling of coming to the Super Bowl)"It feels pretty good, we came here for one thing and thing only, and that’s to win."

(on opinion which is the best Harbaugh?)"I would have to go with my coach."

(on Ray Lewis coming back for another championship)"I don’t really have any personal stories about Ray. Everyone knows Ray Lewis is the fire. He is the most inspiration to this organization and that this team has heard of. He’s a great man and we want to send him off great. The rallying cry this week is win one for Ray."

(on what’s been different with Joe Flacco)"I don’t think anything’s been different, Joe has been Joe he has just been a team leader all year long for us. You know and Joe will step up big time for us."

(on responding to what Torrey Smith went through)"For him to go through that, and play just a couple hours after hearing about the death of his brother that’s definitely hard to do. For him coming out and have a game like he did, it’s one of the greatest things I have seen someone do you know in football."

(on playing fullback in this league)"It makes me feel good. Teams that want to be physical and want to run the ball they have a fullback. People try to get away from it but I think over time, I think we will get back to it."

(on Bernard Pierce)"He’s a been a good guy for us, you know coming in and not missing a beat."

(on Jacoby Jones big touchdown)"I was actually just on the sideline and saw the ball go up in the air. All of the fans started celebrating and everything. When Jacoby had the touchdown, I just ran out on the field."

(on overcoming losing streaks and loss at Houston)"We just had a lot of injuries and stuff which is all part of the game. We just lost a lot of key players and had to bounce back."

(on if any other Houston Texans will follow him to Baltimore)"We will take any one of those guys, anyone we will take them over here to the Ravens."

(on time spent with the Houston Texans)"The Texans gave me a great opportunity, I had five great years with the organization. I played with some running backs that people never heard of before. I just had an opportunity to get there and establish myself, learn a lot of tools, and I am here now."

(on keeping an eye on the Texans)"You always do because you have a lot of friends still back there that play on the team."

(on the biggest difference at the beginning on the season and the playoffs now)"I don’t know if I can just say one thing, but just guys coming together and believing in themselves. We also outside the locker room and we break loose. People are always talking we’re not this we’re not this were not that but we came together no matter what."

(on embracing this experience)"You have to embrace it. I have been in this league for nine years and never made it the Super Bowl so you have to embrace everything. I mean hey, you have to be loose and not all uptight."

(on coming down to a close game the Ravens will win because…)"I think we will win because we are focused."