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Super Bowl 2013: Ravens' Marshal Yanda says 49ers have no weak link

No Media Day photo of Ravens RG Marshal Yanda
No Media Day photo of Ravens RG Marshal Yanda
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports



(on Joe Flacco) "He’s competitive. He wants to win very much. He’s vocal, but not too vocal. We know what we have to do, and I don’t like it when guys talk in the huddle too much. I love that about Joe."

(on Flacco’s relationship with his offensive line) "He takes good care of the offensive line. He takes us out to dinner, gave us a surround sound box to attach to our TV at Christmas. Will his gifts get bigger if he gets a new contract? They don’t need to, they are fine as they are. Remember, even offensive linemen make decent money now."

(on guard Bobbie Williams) "He’s a veteran, a guy that can get the job done. He started games for me at right guard, he started at left guard. He fit right into the locker room. We bring him in, a guy who has played right guard. I was hoping to stay at right guard and I asked him if he could play left. He said, ‘I got you, bro.’"

(on center Matt Birk) "He’s 100% pro. He always takes care of his body. He’s had the kind of career we are all chasing. He was healthier this year and he played really well. I know I was always straining to get a higher grade than he did each week. He played last year’s championship game while he was hurting. In better health this year, he still plays at a very high level."

(on the 49ers front seven) "I think the key to their defensive line is that they have no weak link. I know the two guys on their right side, our left, are great players, but they are all good. Ray McDonald is a load with a great bull rush. There is no one we can say,’ oh we can handle him one-on-one.’"