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Super Bowl 2013: Ravens' Jacoby Jones says it's all about getting back up

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(on the matchup between the special teams and the 49ers kick coverage) "(David) Akers has got a really strong leg. He can kick out of the end zone and that punter, he’s a climber too. So you’ve got to be patient and wait on your opportunities."

(on how a Pro Bowler like him doesn’t have a podium for Media Day) "That’s fine. I like the walking around and mingling a little bit. I like to fly under the radar. I’m used to it. I love it."

(on his emotions playing in the Super Bowl in New Orleans) "I’m from New Orleans you know. It’s good to play at home in a Super Bowl but you’ve got to look at it like a regular season game. You’ve got to approach it like that."

(on if he feels pretty relaxed this week) "Yeah. I’m pretty much a laid back guy though. I’ll be chilling, I’m a goofy guy and I play around. I’m not really too hyper."

(on if his mom cooked) "Of course, she brought in 150 plates for the team yesterday."

(on what his mom cooked for the team) "Gumbo, everything. I can’t even name it all. Cajun food."

(on his experience in New Orleans after the hurricane hit) "It hit the day before my game and my mom was coming up to see me play, so all they packed was a weekend’s worth of clothes and everything else was gone."

(on if he came back to visit the city much after the hurricane hit) "I was still in college. We actually lived across the river in a little, small house. I could lay down and I was longer than the room."

(on if it’s emotional to have the Super Bowl in New Orleans) "It’s good to play at home, don’t get me wrong, but like I said, I’m holding onto my emotions because I’m still looking at it like a regular season game. I’ve got to get the ring like it’s a job."

(on if he’ll get emotional after the game if they win) "Who knows after that? I could have fun all over New Orleans."

(on overcoming the difficult end to his season last year to get to this point) "That’s life. You’re going to go through your ups and downs. You’re going to fall flat on your face. It’s all about getting back up and making the next play."

(on if he looks at his time with the Texans as a launching pad for his career today) "I appreciate the Texans because they gave me an opportunity to play in the league. They gave me a shot. They gave me an opportunity and I appreciate it."

(on signing with the Baltimore Ravens and beating the Texans to the Super Bowl) "Exactly. If I had a chance to pick, I was going to pick my best opportunity for a chance of getting a ring."

(on if wants to rub it in Houston’s face that he made the Super Bowl) "Not at all. It is what it is. It’s a business, straight up."