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Super Bowl 47: Ravens Media Day 'Open Thread'

Today is the day at the Super Bowl when the two teams have to endure every question in the book when they sit in front of the throng of reporters for Media Day.


The Baltimore Ravens will be the center of attention now as part of the NFL's version of Media Day. Hundreds, if not thousands of reporters and fans in attendance watching as they undergo every angle of questioning you might think you've thought of, but definitely have not.

The San Francisco 49ers have finished their Media Day onslaught, which you can see the highlights over at SB Nation's 49ers blog, Niners Nation. Head Ball Coach David Fucillo is live, front and center at Super Bowl's Media Day. Well, perhaps not "front and center," but he is in attendance and reporting on the happenings.

Tune into The NFL Network to watch and post your thoughts and comments as it transpires here in this Super Bowl Media Day 'Open Thread.'

Count how many times, reporters will ask Ray Lewis about the Atlanta double-murder incident as well as how many times Ravens head coach will have to endure questions comparing him to his brother, Jim.

Other keywords to count: "Bottom line," and "Joe Flacco's contract." Enjoy!

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