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Super Bowl 2013, 49ers vs. Ravens: San Francisco Special Teams 'Cheat Sheet'

With the 2013 Super Bowl less than a week away, the two SB Nation bloggers for the Ravens and Niners decided to "share" their secrets about the three phases of the game on our teams.


Here's the breakdown by Niners Nation blogger, David Fucillo take on the San Francisco 49ers defense, position-by-position, listing starters, reserves and commenting on the pros and cons of each position:

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Starter: David Akers (2)

Prior to this past Sunday, the 49ers actually had two kickers on the roster, with Ravens favorite Billy Cundiff competing with David Akers for the starting job. Akers has struggled mightily, missing his one field goal attempt against the Falcons. Akers will be handling kicking duties at the Super Bowl, and I don't know a single 49ers fan who has any confidence in him right now.

Starter: Andy Lee (4)

He remains arguably the best punter in the NFL, leading the league in net average and finishing third in punts inside the 20. He can boom them long and he can kick with precision. Some 49ers fans refer to him as the Death Star due to that combination of power and precision, but fortunately he lacks the basic weakness that did in the Death Star.

Kick Returner
Starter: LaMichael James (23)
Reserve: Ted Ginn Jr. (19), Delanie Walker (46)

James took over the kick return duties for the final few games of the season, and has been a revelation. He did not have enough returns to qualify for league rankings, but he finished second in the NFL in kick return average. He brings speed and athleticism that allow him to do big things in space.

Punt Returner
Starter: Ted Ginn Jr. (19)
Reserve: Perrish Cox (20)

Ginn struggles as a receiver, but remains a solid punt returner. His numbers are down this season, but he remains a big threat to break a big return.

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