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NFC: A lot AFC: Less

Did you guys really care what the score was?

Kent Nishimura

The fans of the NFL have had to sit through yet another painstakingly boring Pro Bowl just to see one team get blown out in a non-competitive manner. The NFC scored a lot, the AFC scored a lot (but less), and the NFC won. There's your re-cap. Nothing more, nothing less.

I understand that the Pro Bowl is largely a vacation for NFL players, but don't try to disguise it as a face-off of the elite talent of the league, because honestly neither team really cares. Every single one of them probably thinks to themselves "how much more of this do I have to struggle through before I can go back to the hotel?". But on that note, most fans know that the game has no real significant meaning and is merely a checkpoint before the Super Bowl.

In other words, it is a saturated waste of time. And that's that. Why we still have the Pro Bowl, I'll never know.