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Ravens Special Teams Super Bowl MVP?

Could the Ravens Super Bowl MVP come from their special teams unit?

Rob Carr

Sam Koch:

One of the Ravens most steady and useful weapons, Koch often doesn't get the headlines like some of the more high profile players.

Pros: One of the best and most consistent punters in the league. Has the power to keep opposing offenses with poor field position in every game therefor making their job, against the Ravens dominant defense, even harder.

Cons: Sam, sadly, is just a punter. Not very often is the home team happy to see him take the field. Also, if the Ravens MVP is their punter they have probably lost the game.

Justin Tucker:

The Ravens rookie sensation kicker was 30-33 on the year and has a boot for a foot. He seems to like kicking ling distance field goals.

Pros: Great Kicker. Tucker has done a good job on kickoffs but where he has especially excelled is on field goals. If the game comes down to a three point contest the Ravens have the advantage with Tucker.

Cons: If the Ravens are kicking field goals all day that means they are probably not scoring many touchdowns. We all love Tucker but we'd much rather see him out there for extra points, for which he will not get an MVP nod.

Jacoby Jones: If the special teams unit is going to churn out an MVP it would most likely be Jones. He made the Pro Bowl this season as the best returner in the AFC with 2 return TD's and one punt return TD.

Pros: Jones is a horse. He is big and fast and if he gets a lane in the open field, just watch out. May be the best return man in football this season.

Cons: The Super Bowl will be played in a dome this season making it easy for good kickers to neutralize Jones as a return man. He may have to make his mark on punt returns, where teams can also choose to keep away from him. Also He has looked a bit shaky in the playoffs so far and in the past. He may be trying to do too much on the big stage.