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Juan Castillo Joins Baltimore Ravens


Who says the teams going to the Super Bowl can't make coaching transactions? Shortly after last week's win over the New England Patriots the Baltimore Ravens added Juan Castillo to their coaching staff to serve as a consultant in the two weeks of preparation before the Super Bowl. The former Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator will be a permanent addition to the Ravens' coaching staff as the run game coordinator next year.

This signing makes since considering he has plenty of experience and spent 10 years with John Harbaugh in Philly. Juan Castillo had spent 17 years on the Eagles' coaching staff, the majority of which included being an offensive line coach, before making the transition to defensive coordinator last season.

This comes as a bit of a shock considering he had received far more lucrative offers from other teams, but turned them down to join the Baltimore Ravens; adding to an already talented coaching staff. But this goes to show that the Baltimore Ravens are quickly becoming one of the "destination" team of the NFL in the sense that it is a place where players and coaches alike want to sign a contract with.