Part 2 of the Super Bowl Discussion Thread

So the other thread is approaching 1200 comments and some people were saying that the thread is going really slow so it seems like a good idea to make another one. I missed a good 700 comments on the previous thread due to me not being able to access my computer for 2 days but I can give a recap of what happened after I came back.

  • Discussed the physics of a ball thrown in cold temperature and at a high altitude. Which variable affects the ball more or do they both cancel each other out?
  • The Senior Bowl is on today (Saturday) although its not really a full fledged conversation just a side note.
  • Passer Rating
  • Ravens offense
  • Homeristic tendencies
  • Kaep > Flacco and is Flacco elite?
  • Comparing the 49ers and Ravens Defense. Who is better Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis? If you say Patrick Willis do you think that Willis right now is equal to Lewis in his prime?
  • 49ers offense will Kaeperinck be able to run like he did all over the Packers or will the Ravens try to limit his abilities? If the Ravens do focus on Kaepernick will Gore and crew have a big day like they did against the Falcons?
  • Boobie for SB MVP
  • Boone's hair
  • Baltimore's history does it come from the Browns or the Colts
  • Kaepernick physical stature compared to Smith's physical stature
  • Schrodinger read option
  • Something about Pi
  • Girl Friday's magic cookies
  • Chess
  • Finally Zombie LOLcats as well as dead cats

Well I think that covers a lot of the topics but please ask more questions so we can continue the discussion.

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