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Bernard Pollard Fined For Hit On Wes Welker

Jared Wickerham

The NFL, in its ever-persistent fight against helmet-to-helmet hits has doled out yet another fine on the Baltimore Ravens. And this time Bernard Pollard's wallet was got "hit" with a $15,250 fine. If the players aren't getting annoyed with these fines, the coaches sure are. This is what Dean Pees had to say about the Baltimore Ravens' penalty problems this year:

“I’m sure we are up there on defensive roughing penalties somewhere. I’m sure we are at the top of the list,” Pees said. “I don’t want to say that I don’t care; I do care. I don’t ever want to get a penalty, but sometimes those penalties you think twice about coming over the middle whether you got a penalty or you didn’t get a penalty. They all take their toll. I’m not saying that I want penalties or I want to hit somebody like that, but at the same time, we aren’t going to back off. We are going to play football." (Via

This recurring problem of penalties has hurt the Ravens all year, and it's definitely something they need to improve on next season.