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John Harbaugh a surprise guest on Super Bowl conference call

John Harbaugh surprised his parents Jack and Jackie, and his sister Joani Crean, with a call on the Harbaugh's Super Bowl conference call.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl XLVII pits the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers, and in case you've been sleeping under a rock, the Super Bowl pits Jim Harbaugh against brother John Harbaugh -- the first Super Bowl in history to feature brothers coaching against each other.

Jack and Jackie Harbaugh, the Harbaugh parents, held a conference call for the media, along with their daughter, Joani Crean. The trio of Harbaughs answered various questions regarding the Harbaugh family, providing listeners and reporters with great stories and interesting insight.

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Ravens head coach John Harbaugh called in as "John in Baltimore," and asked if it's true that the family likes Jim Harbaugh better than John. John's semi-anonymous question was received with laughter from the parents, but his sister, Joani Crean, recognized John's voice, and the family exchanged laughs before John went and tended to Baltimore's practice.

Super Bowl XLVII isn't the first time Jim and John faced off against each other. Ravens and 49ers fans alike can easily recall Thanksgiving 2011, when John's Ravens topped Jim's 49ers, 16-6, in what was a much smaller scale meeting between the two brothers.

Jack Harbaugh spoke about the post-game feeling after the '11 Thanksgiving Harbaugh Bowl, saying that he was not needed for John, as the mood in Baltimore's locker room was jubilant, compared to somber in San Francisco's. Still, John found time to speak to Jim after the game.

Whether or not the two will have that opportunity after the Super Bowl remains to be seen.

The Harbaugh parents and Joani Crean shared plenty of other stories about the Harbaughs growing up. Joani in particular shed some light about what it was like growing up with John and Jim as older brothers -- and added that she's an excellent film splicer.

Though the Harbaugh brothers didn't want to make a big deal of the 'Harbowl' storyline, it's certainly here to stay for the next week and a half -- and Super Bowl XLVII will certainly be remembered for it, regardless of the outcome. At the least, it's refreshing to see that the family can have fun during this week, as the next week and a half will undoubtedly become increasingly stressful for the Harbaughs.

The entire conference call is well worth a listen -- audio for this conference call does much more justice than words do. Audio of the Harbaugh family conference call can be found at San Francisco's official website.