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Ed Reed won't be retiring after 2013 Super Bowl

Several had speculated that the Ravens safety would retire at the end of the year. Reed confirmed he will return next season, but the question is where will he play?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Many had wondered if Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed would retire alongside Ray Lewis at the end of the season, but he put those fears to bed on Thursday. "I'll be playing next year. Next question," Reed said.

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The "next question" is rather obvious: where will Reed be playing?

Reed's contract is up at the end of the year and he will become an unrestricted free agent. While the Ravens could use the franchise tag on Reed, it is more likely they will use that on quarterback Joe Flacco. Of course Baltimore hopes they can work out a long-term deal with one or both players and avoid the franchise tag. The tentative franchise tag amount for Flacco would be $14.642 million; for Reed $6.798 million.

Reed has been named an All-Pro eight times over his 11 seasons with the Ravens and is still one of their best players and defensive leaders. If he becomes a free agent many teams will be interested in signing him in addition to just the Ravens.