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Still Doubters?

After all the dominant play the Baltimore Ravens have shown in the playoffs there are still those who consider the team a fluke.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are playing in the Super Bowl. They took the hardest road possible to get there as well. In the first round they had to play one of the leagues hottest teams with the next "great" quarterback at the helm and people doubted the Ravens. They were supposed to be old and slow and yesterdays news as the hot new quarterback Andrew Luck came to town. However, the Ravens proved everyone wrong and displayed their dominance by handling the Colts convincingly on both sides of the ball.

Next the Ravens drew the number one seed in the AFC in the Divisional round. They were forced to play a mile above sea level against "the greatest team in the league", the Denver Broncos, who bought Peyton Manning in the off season and penciled themselves into the Super Bowl at mid-season. The Ravens again rose to the occasion and stood toe-to-toe with manning and his top flight offense. On defense, the Ravens showed Denver what real defense was all about.

Most of the season the Ravens were busy adjusting to new players and adjusting to losing starters and a new coordinator as well so the numbers did look that good. Once everything fell into place the team went right back to their dominant play again. With a little magic from Joe Flacco and the offense the defense did just enough to beat Peyton
Manning on the biggest stage. Again everyone doubted them.

The Ravens got passed the Colts and the Broncos only to be rewarded with a trip to New England to play the leagues top offense with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at the helm. The birds from Baltimore dispatched them handily as well. Dismantling the Patriots in the second half with a 21-0 run and taking the Super Bowl for themselves.

Still, some just call them a fluke. Some don't believe and the Ravens are forever the under-dogs. They will need to show one more time that they are the best team in football and I believe they will.