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Looking For Super Bowl Tickets?

While there will be a small amount of tickets for the Super Bowl on sale through the NFL and season ticket holders for the two teams will get the first shots, the secondary market is where most people will have to look to get their seats.

The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers will meet in New Orleans for Super Bowl 47 and if you want to be one of the 72,000 lucky fans to be there in person, you will have to shell out around $3,000 per ticket.

According to, the average price of a Super Bowl ticket on the secondary market is currently a tad over $3,000, with the cheapest just under $1,900 each.

At this moment, there are around 5,000 tickets available, but that number could change over the next few days, since the losing teams from the two conference championship games are not as excited about it as the two winning teams.

The fact that the game will be in New Orleans makes it a prime location and therefore a great opportunity for fun both before, during and after the game. Fans will be coming from both the east and west coasts and while the prices would be a lot higher if, say, the New York Giants were facing the New York Jets, the Ravens and 49ers story line is such a fascinating match-up that the draw will keep the prices high.

However, the best way will always be to find a friend with two tickets who wants to take you with them to the game and if you go to the secondary market, beware of scams that are common for such an in-demand event, which is why a reputable site such as TiqIQ is the best way to go.