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AFC Championship Game: Ravens Trail Patriots 13-7 At Halftime

Join Baltimore Beatdown for what will surely be an exciting 2nd half 'Open Thread' as the Ravens trail the Patriots 13-7 at halftime.

Jared Wickerham

The Baltimore Ravens took a short-lived 7-3 lead but the New England Patriots calmly drove down the field for the go-ahead TD. The Patriots are owning the time of possession and field position battles but only lead by six after the first 30 minutes. New England has held the ball for over 18 of the game's first 30 minutes.

It appears the Ravens defensive line is being shoved back, allowing the Patriots' runners to get good gains to set up 2nd and short. However, the Ravens defense has been resilient and held steady most of the time. The Ravens defensive tackling has been suspect, with way too many yards being gained by the Patriots after first contact.

Baltimore's offense seems to be too tentative and unwilling to open it up, trying to force the run game too often, especially with Patriots star CB Aqib Talib out of the game. Flacco has had time but seems content to sit back and wait rather than go for it like he did in the win over the Denver Broncos as well as the two previous meetings with New England.

At the half, Joe Flacco is six of 12 for 81 yards while Tom Brady is 14 for 24 for 139 yards and one TD. Ray Rice scored the Ravens only TD on a short run and has 31 yards on nine carries. Stevan Ridley leads New England with 46 yards on13 attempts.

Stick with us and cheer the Ravens on as they are still within striking distance and will fight all the way to the final whistle. Post your comments and root for Ray Lewis to have one more game in his amazing 17-year NFL career.