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It's Game Day Ravens Fans!

Time to get pumped up and make our Ravens feel the love all the way from Foxboro!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are again Ravens fans. Another game which could be Ray Lewis' last. Another game which could spell the end of our season or propel the city into joyful chaos yet again. Another chance for some unknown player to be the hero for our small city as we get ready for two weeks of Super Bowl fever.

As we all sit and watch the 49ers and Falcons do battle in Atlanta we keep one eye on the clock getting more nervous and excited with each passing minute. Our boys are in for a big time battle today to declare their dominance in the AFC and take the city of Baltimore to New Orleans for the Super Bowl in two weeks.

If we win today all previous mistakes are forgiven the three game slide which lead to the dismissal of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will just be another success story for this franchise and every dropped pass and missed tackle thus far can be overlooked. If we lose, this has still been a magical season for this team and Ray Lewis as he has come back with this team to redefine their identity and reach a level of play we all knew they were capable of.

We, here in Baltimore, lost a great member of our cities legacy this week in Hall Of Fame manager and Baltimore Oriole legend Earl Weaver. What a better way to pay his legacy tribute than to have the city rejoice as they watch an other one of their teams reach the games biggest stage.

Here we go Ravens fans! The day is here, the time is now and we are all hungry for redemption. As I watched the streets lined with purple clad people milling about today I was reminded of just how special sports can be. With all of our differences like politics and religion or whatever views that may keep us apart, here, today all us Ravens fans can stand together in unity and share in our love for this great team and it's legendary leader that has kept us relevant in the NFL for so long.

Good luck to our warriors as you go to battle for yourselves your fans and the city of Baltimore!