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Ravens News Around The Web

Check out all these stories on the Ravens, including this cute "Call Me Maybe" parody, on the Baltimore Ravens from all around the World Wide Web.

Al Bello

Baltimore Ravens Fans Made A 'Call Me Maybe' Parody. Yes, In 2013
Baltimore Ravens fans put together a Tom Brady-themed 'Call Me Maybe' parody video in 2013, when 'Call Me Maybe' parody videos were all the rage. GOOD JOB.

Joe Flacco vs Tom Brady |'s Baltimore Ravens Blog
A preview of the Ravens Patriots AFC Championship game matchup breaking down important aspects of the game.

Baltimore fan goes full Ravens logo with his hairstyle | NFL | Baltimore Ravens
There are Baltimore Ravens fans, and there is Mr. James E. Long an apparent Ravens super-fan who has shaved, dyed, and otherwise hair-sculpted his mane.

Ravens vs. Patriots: Undaunted Justin Tucker builds Baltimore's confidence in close games - NFL - Sporting News
Ravens kicker Justin Tucker did not watch last year’s AFC championship game. Could not even remember what he was doing.

Baltimore Ravens News: Three Reasons They Will Beat The New England Patriots In The AFC Championship Game
The Ravens are more than capable of pulling off an upset.

Baltimore Artist Makes Ravens Music Win, Lose or Draw " CBS DC
The Ravens prepare for their toughest playoff matchup yet in the Patriots, and have to go into a very tough environment in New England to keep their Super Bowl dreams alive, but for one local artist known for capturing the games through song, it's 'No Worries.'

You gotta believe in Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco -
A confession: I've been less than excited about Joe Flacco since he became the Ravens quarterback.

2013 NFL playoffs -- Baltimore Ravens must slow Tom Brady's hurry-up offense - ESPN Boston

The key to slowing Tom Brady's hurry-up offense is containing the Patriots' running game.

This is your moment | National Football Post

Sunday’s AFC Championship game rematch pits Joe Flacco as Juan Manuel Marquez against Tom Brady as Manny Pacquaio.