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Ravens @ Broncos: AFC Championship Game 'Open Thread'

Join the legions of Ravens fans and unleash your fury in commentary as part of this AFC Championship Game 'Open Thread.'

Patrick Smith

The Baltimore Ravens return to Gillette Stadium for the second year in a row to play the New England Patriots for the right to go to New Orleans and Super Bowl 47.

Add your comments to what should be hordes of other fans, both Ravens-lovers and haters, as the game progresses. Even with all the hype, passion and loyalty, do your best to represent your team and Baltimore Beatdown and keep it relatively clean with your language and focus on the game and not any personal attacks on those poor souls who cannot figure which team is the one of destiny.

This is not Ray Lewis' retirement party quite yet, as he will be celebrating it onBourbon Street in two weeks. So sit back and relax, or not, and root the Ravens onto one more underdog victory and hopefully, our collective hearts will not give out as they almost did last week in what was one of the best football games ever.