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Ravens Vs. Patriots 2013: Plenty Of Storylines To Follow In AFC Championship game.

Tomorrow the Baltimore Ravens will head to New England for the second straight AFC Championship game filled with various storylines.


Will Joe Flacco finally get to the Super Bowl and get the "can't win the big-game" monkey off of his back, will Ray Lewis' ride away into the sunset of retirement with 2 rings on his hand, will the Baltimore Ravens as a whole redeem Lee Evans' butterfingers and Billy Cundiff's club-foot?

Certainly there will be plenty of drama surrounding the game, but who wins the game will be determined on who can rise above the drama and focus on playing the game to the best of their abilities for all 60 minutes (or more if this game shapes up to be anything like the Mile High Miracle). Hopefully Joe "cool" will be able to live up to his nickname and pull off a victory tomorrow night.