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Ray's Last Dance

We should all take the time to realize what we are witnessing. One of the greats of the game is doing his last dance for us.


Whether it be tomorrow in Foxboro or in two weeks in New Orleans Ray Lewis' career is playing out just like it has throughout his entire tenure here in Baltimore, with a bang.

What a time for the Baltimore Ravens to finally figure themselves out as a team and what a time for Ray Lewis to be able to come back from, what would usually be, a season ending injury. Not only have the Ravens figured out an offensive and defensive identity just in time to hit the playoffs but they have done it just in time to salute a true warrior with great team play to end his career.

Ray Lewis could have come back as a shell of his former self with the injury he sustained. He could have come back at half speed or tending to shy away from contact but that just wouldn't be the Ray Lewis we all have watched for the past decade and a half. He came back as a warrior. He came back as a leader of men and helped this team find themselves just as it seemed they may be falling apart for good.

His return plus the offense using it's strengths to the best of their abilities has made for a special path for both Ray Lewis and the city of Baltimore. I know most of you know how special this is, even non-Raven fans can see the historical significance of it, but for those who do not or have not realized what they are becoming witness too, it's time to wake up. You only see things play out like this once in a life time if you are lucky so pay attention.

We here in Baltimore will be praying to whatever God it is we pray to for you Ray. As you lead this team to the path of glory they are finding out how to lead themselves as well and that is the best way any of this could happen. Good luck to you tomorrow and thank you for giving your body and mind up for this city and the people who beleive in and love you.