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Baltimore Beatdown's 'Predict The Score Contest'

Predict the winner and final score of the AFC Championship Game and win a cool piece of Ravens memorabilia!

Jim Rogash

You can also win when the Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game Sunday night by guessing the final score. Of course, you also have to predict the winning team as well as the score, but then again, that part is easy, right Ravens fans?

You only get one entry, so post it below with both the winning team and your best guess of what the final score will be. The one person with the right or closest to the final will win a cool piece of Ravens memorabilia. In the event of a game with a final score that is nowhere close to any one guess, I will be the final arbiter of who wins the prize. If there is a tie, then we will just have to award multiple prizes.

SO think real hard about how close these previous match-ups have been, and perhaps this one will either be like those or perhaps more like the 2010 playoff game when the Ravens won by 19 points. Or not.