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AFC Championship Sunday Game Plans

We are very blessed as Raven fans in that not only has our team won at least one playoff game the last five years (only team to do that during the Super Bowl era) and obviously the longest current active playoff streak, we are going to the conference Championship game for the second year in a row, third time in five years.

Jeff Gross

I can only think of a couple of teams that had similar/better type runs in recent memory: Buffalo early ‘90's, Dallas around the same time, and New England in the early part of the ‘00's.

With that said, how y'all plan on experiencing Sunday's festivities? I have received many invites from my colleagues at my work to come watch the game as they all know I am a die-hard Ravens fan (I live and work in the DC area, and well the Redskins are currently working on their golf swings...) Are any of you planning any parties, inviting extended family over, or going someplace, etc?

In my case, I will be away skiing with two other families. One family is a DC native Redskin family, the other family, while also living in the DC area, is originally from Boston (-!) and die hard Patriots and Sox fans. I also play poker with these guys on a regular basis, so it is all good. The Boston family, let's call them "the Buckners", is large like mine so we will probably all get together with all the kids and make a party out of it. We are all avid skiers, so we will finish up in plenty of time for the 6:30 kick-off Sunday and then figure out some place to gather i.e. a restaurant or bar at where we are staying. We will be in Western PA, so we will have to deal with squeeler fans unfortunately...

So, are any of you planning on going to a favorite watering hole? Or doing a catered event? Or maybe you are breaking out your favorite Buffalo Wing recipe and hosting a bunch of folks? I know some folks have a favorite beverage they like to imbibe during the games. I sure it would be interesting to hear what folks' choices are, as long as it isn't Iron City...

Party on, Garth!