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Don't Overlook Terrell Suggs' Monster Game

Lost in the Baltimore Ravens incredible double-overtime victory, was the excellent game by outside linebacker Terrell Suggs.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

With the incredible play of Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco, the running of Ray Rice, the tackling of Ray Lewis and the two interceptions by CB Corey Graham, it's easy to overlook the performance of Terrell Suggs. Suggs, somewhat quietly in the wake of all the other news, had what could definitely also be called a "Monster Game."

Suggs had ten tackles and two sacks of Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning. He added one tackle for loss, another QB hit, one pass defensed and a forced fumble.

In any other game, that might be worthy of a NFL Defensive Player of the Week honors, given out each weekend of the regular season. However, with the all-around great play of the defense as well as the offense, and so many superb individual performances, even this type of complete performance gets lost in translation.

Only Ray Lewis' performance (17 tackles) was more than Suggs' and even ILB Dannell Ellerbe's solid play (9 tackles, one pass defensed) and Corey Graham's monster game (8 tackles, 2 interceptions) could come anywhere close to the overall disruptive nature of the wrath of Suggs.

Perhaps this is an indication that he is now completely healthy from the two injuries that caused him to miss most of the first half of the regular season as well as noticeably affect his play for the remaining part prior to the post season.