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The Baltimore Ravens just pulled off a glorious 38-35 2OT victory over the Denver Broncos. In other news Justin Tucker has the heart of a lion.

Doug Pensinger

In what was a tightly contested game all-night long the Baltimore Ravens proved to be the more resilient team as they pulled of a miraculous victory with a clutch kick in 2OT to keep Ray Lewis' career another week. I could feel the intensity even in my house in South Carolina, and when I saw the final score show on the screen my scream could probably be heard all the way in Colorado.

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What this win means to me and the entire Baltimore Ravens franchise can not be understood by anyone else other than those associated with the Ravens! My heart is still beating and I could not be happier than I am right now. Be sure to tune into the Patriots/Texans game tomorrow to see who we're going to beat next in our journey to the Super Bowl.

This is your ecstatic editor, Zachary Beard signing out from South Carolina. I love you all, and GO RAVENS!!!