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Game Day Is Upon Us!

It's game day for the AFC North Champion Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round of the playoffs and fans couldn't be more excited!

Jim Rogash

All around Baltimore today it's like a purple paradise. Fans are walking the streets with their #52 jerseys and whatnot and you can hear the buzz as the great purple masses pass you!

Not only did the Ravens get a chance to exact revenge on the franchise that suck out of town in the middle of the night on Mayflower buses like cowards but now, in round two, they get to try and get revenge on the quarterback that held that franchise to such a high level over the past decade. A player that has ended many a Ravens season in the playoffs in which they felt destined to win it all. A man who came into Baltimore earlier this season and laid the wood to the struggling Ravens when they were at their lowest point. That man is Peyton Manning and the Ravens need revenge.

No question this will be a hard fought game as both teams believe they belong in the next round of the playoffs and both teams know they need to do it soon. For the Ravens and Ray Lewis it's now or never.

So let's go Ravens fans, let any negative feelings you have about this game wash away with an icy cold Natty Boh and BELIEVE in this team as much as they believe in themselves. They will need our support, even from across the country.

No one is giving us a chance because the Broncos have won 11 straight and we stumbled mightily towards the end of the season but the Ravens have gotten everything in order at just the right time and they have their fearless leader #52 back on the field to lead them all the way to the Super Bowl!

Bring on the Manning's and Brady's of the league. Bring on the favorites and the underdogs. We don't care who it is on our way to glory, they are just another stepping stone to greatness! we love our team and let's show them one more time that we, here in Baltimore, consider them the favorites even if the rest of the country is blinded by the light.

Here we go folks and bring it on!!