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Art Modell And Jonathan Ogden Named Finalists For Hall Of Fame

The man who brought football back to Baltimore may finally be getting the recognition he deserves.

Patrick Smith

For the last decade Art Modell has been blockaded from the NFL Hall of Fame, but his push for immortality seems to be growing since his death on September 6. Art Modell will always be remembered for bringing football back to the starved city of Baltimore, and while he may have taken football away from Cleveland he at least made plans to reactivate a franchise in that city for the future unlike the Irsay family. Art Modell and Jonathan Ogden are the two Baltimore Ravens who are eligible for the 2013 class of the NFL Hall Of Fame. They both certainly both deserve to be in Canton and while Modell will not be able to deliver a speech, he will at least finally be deserved if he gets in.