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Gillette's 'No Debate' Contest

Click on the link and enter Gillette's 'No Debate' Contest.

Andy Lyons

This week's debate question, as posted on Gillette's Facebook page, is: Who is the most dominant player both on the field and in EA Sports Madden NFL 13?

Join the other 400+ people who have posted comments on Gillette's Facebook page who obviously not only know their football, but their way around the game controller and play the most popular sports video game bar none.

A quick glance at the posted comments show that the most popular answer seems to be Minnesota Vikings QB Adrian Peterson, with Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III right behind him. Other comments included Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews, Jr. and even one jokester listed the great, yet retired Detroit Lions RB Barry Sanders.

So to all the Madden NFL 13 self-proclaimed experts, who's your pick?