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Pitta's Injury Not Career Threatening

Ravens Tight End Dennis Pitta should be able to return to the field next year after suffering a dislocated and fractured hip.

Patrick Smith

There has been a lot of speculation over whether or not Ravens' tight end Dennis Pitta will ever return to the football field after dislocating and fracturing his hip, the same injury that ended the career of Raiders' great Bo Jackson.

Ravens' head coach John Harbaugh, however, has already announced that Pitta's injury is most likely not career-threatening. Medical experts have also told the Baltimore Sun that Pitta should be able to return to the field and resume his career next season.

Apparently, what ended Jackson's was a rare complication known as avascular necrosis, where there is a lack of blood supply to the head of the ball-and-socket joint, resulting in the need for a complete hip replacement. This complication can be avoided, however, by getting the patient into surgery immediately after the injury occurs, as the Ravens did with Pitta.

While the team will surely miss his presence on the field this season, it is good to know that Dennis Pitta should be able to resume his NFL career following such a gruesome injury.